There are growing range of transform communities being developed across many themes, from geographic, like our Church half mile community through communities which focus on country of origin to both mens and women's communities.

These are our extended families on mission…being a part of seeing genuine transformation in communities which are small enough to care and big enough to dare…

Our Aim

These communities provide a space and place for people to grow as disciples, discipling others and focusing their passions on serving the people/communities closest to their hearts. We believe that Transform Communities are a key mechanism for the growth, nurturing and maturation of Christians, enabling biblical modeled discipleship. To get a taster of a transform community that interests you please speak to Pastor Greg -


These communities help us develop the 3 key relationships in our christian growth: UP - our relationship with our God IN - our relationships within our Christian family/community OUT - our relationships with people who don't identify as Christians sharing God's love and grace.

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  • Kids